21 Photos That Prove Getting Stuck in Weird Places Is a Dog’s Favorite Pastime

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*big sniffs* MMmmmmm Honey soy chiicckeennnn.. 

Our little friend seems to be really enjoying himself There! The only thing missing to help him chill out is a good beer! He promised us he will start exercising and having healthier meals but it looks like lettuce, cucumbers, grapefruits and grapes are definitely not for him. You can be sure he won’t leave a single crumb behind! Actually if you want to be on a diet and your kitchen is full of chips and cookies, you’d better have that little cutie around, he will make sure you stay fit… as for him, well, that’s a totally different story!

Flickr: damens

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So the view is great and all, and I’m not complaining but…Has anyone called the fire department yet? It’s almost dinner time. 

So, from this amazing point of view, you can see the Rockefeller Center, Central Park, the Brooklyn Bridge, the Chrysler Building, the Empire State Building and Time Square, pretty impressive, no? I assure you, it was a great idea to get there to begin with… too bad we are stuck now… so, my advice to go down now is to look as cute as possible and hope that hot super models will walk by and take pity on us. Otherwise, we can always call 911 but unfortunately I left my phone in my other pants!


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