Woman Saves Dog from the Interstate 20 Graveyard

In Dallas Texas, by a busy road off of the Interstate 20 is an infamous place in the woods where people have been dumping their unwanted dogs for decades. 🙁 Some of these dogs are already dead when they are dumped while other dogs are simply abandoned there to starve to death.


For animal lovers, stories like these are beyond heartbreaking. There isn’t a word to describe how it makes us feel. It’s one of those things that is so horrible that you want to pretend it’s not real life, but an amazing human, named Marina Tarashevska, refuses to let people ignore these animals.

indabag dogbones

Marina regularly goes to the dumping ground, looking for any identifying markers on the animals that will help police build animal cruelty cases against the people who have so callously discarded dogs. What she’s really looking for are the ones left alive, and when she does find them, they are near death. She will crawl through decomposing bodies, covered in maggots and vermin, to take these dogs to safety.

One of her brave rescues was caught on tape by a film crew doing a story about Marina.

***Note, the video below contains graphic images. 

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