21 Photos That Prove Getting Stuck in Weird Places Is a Dog’s Favorite Pastime

What’s more adorable than a puppy playing around? Well, not much for sure! If you have a pet at home, you probably caught him or her many times doing the most hilarious things, wishing you had your phone or a camera nearby to cherish that cute memory forever. Well, some people actually had one and here are the results! Cats are everywhere on the Internet but it looks like dogs can be as funny and goofy! Like cats, they also have the great gift of finding the most awkward places to chill out. Why lie around in a basket when you can end up being stuck on a branch, in a drawer, under a chair or in a cardboard box? No matter how comfy and fluffy his rug is, you can be sure that your dog will always find a better place to hang out! These adorable puppies did and look at the results! Here are our 21 favorite pictures of the cutest, funniest or silliest dogs being stuck! They can be smart, tiny, agile or particularly strong but when these dogs decide to shove their nose somewhere, it’s for the better! No doubt, they will make you smile, laugh and even maybe run to your local animal shelter to adopt one of your own! Tired after a long day of work? Sick of your boss? Had an umpteenth argument about her cellphone bill with your teenage daughter? Then you deserve a true treat! Nothing will change your mind like these four-legged furry creatures! If, like us, you believe that a pet is part of the family, enjoy these pictures of adorable Labrador retrievers, German shepherds, golden retriever, beagles, terriers or pit bulls having a blast! After seeing these truly priceless pictures, you might want to try to always have your phone on hand when your favorite pet is around!

Found on dailymail.co.uk

In honor of the optimistic Shiba Inu that was recently photographed stuck in a massive hedge, with not a care in his world, (you can see the full story, here) we’ve decided to put together an album of some of the silliest poochies in some of the most inconvenient places.
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