Totally Painted Poodles

These pups have all been sheared, colored and totally transformed to compete for their title in top dog for ‘creative grooming’ in shows across the US. Some of these are just absolutely ridiculous while others are just down right adorable. Which one is your favorite?


This Poodle is totally rocking the tropical look. Flamingo in the front, macaw party in the back.


A beautiful sleeping ballerina beautifully shaped into the side of this pup.  And by the looks of it, it looks like it would be way more sparkly and fantastic in person.


The cool thing about this lizard Poodle is that he actually breathes fire!!! Just kidding.


“Insert football comment here”  uh…I like his pants! They’re so poofy


Capitan Jack Sparrow dog! Just look at those boots! (──)


Half My Little Pony half peacock and its absolutely magical! They forgot her princess tiara, though.


This unfortunate pooch was abducted one late evening and just a few days later,  returned back home. There was something peculiar about her now though… she was painted with a green head and tail, and strange UFO looking markings sheered into her flanks. Her owner instantly planned the next ‘creative grooming’ shows and got that dog a metal.


Strong with this Yoda looking dog, the force is.


Isn’t it odd? The zebra will always be chasing the lion in this scenario.  Is this supposed to be a hidden message? Maybe I’m looking to far into this… (_)


Mom looks quite pleased. Leonardo looks like he just spotted some evil… or pizza…


I got to tell you this Poodle pooch really does not look pleased.


This ones pretty cool, with the Koi fish going down the leg… but what is that? A red satanic goat ‘Rock On’ hand sign coming out of his back? Maybe a chair? And the beaver hat does not really go. What’s the theme here? I think the creator was trippin’ a little TOO much here.


This Poodle was transformed into a beautiful spring time pooch with his tail cleverly made into a sunflower, and his core made into a giant Gary-like snail shell. Our favorite part is the antenna eyeballs 


This groomer did an excellent job bringing Maleficent and her dragon to life with this poochie!