Feeling a bit blue today?

We have those days too.. May it be a long week or a broken heart, we know exactly what you need to help get that beautiful smile back on your face. Here are pictures the cutest, heart meltiest poochies just for you! (=ω)

First of all, this as a tire cover is hilarious! Second of all.. the dog’s name is Spanky for Christ’s sake. And yes yes third of all you ARE cool. like REALLY cool.

this is effing hilarious to me

This is possibly the cutest, slimiest (maybe even the most disturbing) dog we’ve ever laid our eyes on


Daww! This doggy has a cute little doggy hat, with a cute little stack of doggy pancakes and a tiny doggy mimosa! (^^) That’s some fancy livin’, doggy! 


How can you resist this face! And that NOSE!  Oh he needs kisses! (ΘεΘ) What ever you want puppy, I’ll give it to you! 

dat nose doe

I seriously tilted my head to the right just like this puppy and smiled when I saw this.  SMILE!
Oh I’m crying (_) I want this puppy in PJs forever as my new accessory. 

puppy in pjs

…And more to come!

But for now, on to the next cute thing!! Click ‘Next’ for more and more cute puppies!