‘Dead’ dog saved by her guardian angel.

“She started whining and my heart melted, literally melted in my chest,” The rescuer wrote. He started calling her Miracle. 


When David Loop saw a lifeless body of white dog in the middle of a Los Angeles road, he pulled over to move the body out of the way of on coming traffic. 

“I was about to leave and I saw her eyes blink,” Loop said on his Facebook. “So I ran back to my car and grabbed a litter pan and put her in it and rushed her to my vet.”


The little dog was just barely hanging on to her life. She was covered in ticks, had a broken femur, and was suffering from internal injuries. 

After a few days at the vet’s office, Miracle is alert and eating on her own. The Staff decided she was strong enough for surgery to repair her broke bones. 


Unfortunately, Loop was now facing the piling medical bills…  Loop set up a fundraising page to help cover the costs of surgery with a goal to raise $8,000.  With his surprise, he surpassed the goal by thousands of dollars! 

Next step, bring Miracle home.

new buds

“I hope that she has touched your heart like she has mine,” Loop wrote on his Facebook page, thanking his friends and family for their support. “I can only hope that these events will bring us all together and remember … Be kind, love people … and animals too.”