14 times Boo has been the most adorable dog on the planet.

Boo the Pomeranian puppy was born on March 16th, 2006 and quickly became Facebook’s most popular dog with over 5 million fans and counting! Now, You can buy Boo products, from books, plush toys of Boo in adorable outfits, keychains, cake pops, and more! See how this pooch has captured the hearts of millions by checking out some of his top most adorable pics.

Boo falls asleep in a pile of plush toys of himself. boothepup

Where’s Boo?boothpupasleep


Attending the most adorable bandit masquerade for 2015 with his best bud, Buddy


Boo the fashionista!


“be cool and stay in school!” Says Boo.


When Boo managed to rock the Croc(s)

gym rat

When Boo models eyewear for Monocle Order


Boo watches America’s Next Top Model for posing ideas


When Boo dressed like Rainbow Brite.

school time

And how prepared he is for class.

no pants

When Boo and Buddy dressed for Fancy Pants Friday.


Boo needs to start a clothes line for poochies! They’re all getting jealous.


Okay now I’m getting jealous! Where can I get my own Boo!?

hanging out

How Boo looks like a perfect stuffed toy, without even trying.