31 Clever Jokes about Dogs to Get You through the Week


This week started with a bang – a literal and a big one at that¬†with all the 4th of July celebrations happening in every part of the country. You know what the problem is with weeks that start with a big bang? You can almost expect the rest of the coming days to be lame. Tuesday – lame; Wednesday – lame-o; Thursday – definitely/maybe lamer; Friday – ooh, Friday! And so we were thinking, what can we do to make our readers survive this week? Best answer: dog jokes. Well, for one, everybody loves dogs. Anyone who doesn’t like dogs must have been a criminal in their past life. And jokes? Who couldn’t use a joke these days? The best antidote to life’s stresses is a good, long laugh. As Robert Frost said, “If we couldn’t laugh, we would all go insane!” Who would want to go insane? Not me, that’s for sure.

Photo: Youtube
Photo: Youtube

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1. Q: What do you call a frozen dog?

A: A pup-sicle


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