Top 15 smartest dog breeds

Everyone claims they have the smartest poochy around, but does their dog make the list of the smartest dog breeds? First, let’s break it down to the facts: There are three aspects of intelligence when it comes to dog breeds. First is instinctive intelligence, which refers to the dog’s ability to preform tasks it was bred to do, like herding or guarding. Second aspect of intelligence is adaptive intelligence, which refers to the dogs ability to solve problems on their own and social awareness. This refers to recognizing frequent visitors, or reading facial expressions. The third is working and obedience intelligence, which measures the dog’s ability to learn from humans. Dogs with high working intelligence can make great service dogs and excel in dog competitions.

15. Pug

Considered by many people as the best small dog for a family, since they’re great with kids. Pugs are eager to please their masters and highly social – meaning they’re friendly. Did you know that the pug is one of the oldest breed of dogs? They originally come from China, but pugs have become a popular breed around the world. These dogs were once even utilized as a military dog due to their effective tracking and were even used for guard duty.

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They may not be the most agile of dogs, but the fact they’re easy to train makes the pug come in at number 15 of the top most intelligent dog breeds. Another fun Pug fact: Pugs go by a number of different names, including Chinese pug, Dutch bulldog, Dutch mastiff, Mini mastiff, Carlin, and for some strange reason, Mops.

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