Horrible kid drawings of dogs

When a kid proudly shows you their picture they spent so much time on it’s easy to say: “That’s great, honey!” but in our heads we’re thinking: “What the @#$% is this?” or: “What are you even using to reference?”  Thanks to the wonderful power of the internet, we can judge, and make fun of these children’s lack of talent brazenly. Check out these seven failed attempts of kids drawing dogs -or, what we think are dogs..


Wow.. where do we even begin with this? Are those supposed to be legs all over his body or strands of hair? Does he have four ears, or is that some kind of sad hair accessory? And is that a…spider for a nose? Nice try kid. I don’t think this one is going to make it to the fridge this time.


Hey this one is kinda cute, in a drunken Dr. Sues kind of way. But come on kid, those clouds are just sad…


This one isn’t too bad either.. except for the pizza slice for an ear, and all four legs one one side of the body… I also like how they crossed out the dog tag they messed up on and replaced it with a corndog.


Other than the gun shot wound to the head, this one looks like your typical kid pic. Seven circle like shapes and no concern for staying inside the lines.


Wow. I am with out speech…


Is this… Is this a dog?? Or maybe a panda eared, porcupine faced, grilled chicken bodied mash up? He looks like he’s in a lot of pain. Either way, I got to hand it to this kid. His (or her) imagination is giving Walt a run for his money.


Maybe she has a dalmatian? Nah the tongue is to creepy and long. Maybe it’s a snake with legs.