24 Of The Largest Dog Breeds

#22. Kuvasz

77-110 lbs

The Kuvasz is an ancient Hungarian breed mainly bred for being a live stock dog. According to the AKC the Kuvasz is “More spirited and energetic than most members of the 100-pound club”. The Kuvasz’s loyalty knows no bounds and neither does its love for his family. With its full white coat it looks as though this breed’s coat would be high maintenance when actually only minimal brushing is required.


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#21. Bernese Mountain Dog

79-110 lbs

The Bernese Mountain Dog is an eye catching breed with its wondrous size and coat. That beauty does come with a price. Being a double coated breed they shed excessively. Bernese Mountain Dogs are happiest when exercising. They thoroughly enjoy hiking, walks or even working on a farm. This is a breed that you can say really is as beautiful on the inside as the outside.

Via en.wikipedia.org
Via en.wikipedia.org

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