24 Of The Largest Dog Breeds

Large dogs can often be quite intimidating. If dog lovers can get past that intimidation they will see that most large dogs are nothing but gentle giants. Owning a large dog can have quite a few great benefits that may come as a surprise to many. Once large dogs mature and grow to full size they actually require less physical activity than smaller breeds, therefore they are quite ideal for a smaller home or even an apartment. Larger dogs are also known to be better around strangers. Due to their size they are less intimidated and it is easier to get them to be accustomed to meeting new people. Here is the list of the 24 Biggest Dog Breeds in the World. Wait until the end, these things get HUGE!

#24. Scottish Deerhound

75-110 lbs

Sir Walter Scott of Scotland was the proud owner of a Scottish Deerhound named Maida, he described the breed as “the most perfect creature of Heaven.” The Scottish Deerhound makes a lovely family dog but not the greatest of watchdogs as they are just too nice and have never met a stranger. They do like to chase prey so it’s not recommended that they be in a home with smaller animals as they may be mistaken as one of the “prey”.

Via en.wikipedia.org
Via en.wikipedia.org

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#23. Dogo Argentino

79-99 lbs

The Dogo Argentino is a striking dog who is all white and quite muscular. Dogos are quite often trained to be police or military dogs. Occasionally referred to as the Argentine Mastiff, these dogs were originally bred to hunt wild game. Dogos can be a good family dog if well socialized early on.

Via en.wikipedia.org
Via en.wikipedia.org

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