Teen Returns Missing Pup and Gets $10K


A High School student reconnected a puppy with her beloved owner and got a $10,000 reward for it. Not too shabby for the owner, who served as a press secretary of former House Speaker John Boehner.

Rasheeda Smith returned Maggie, a four-year-old Boston terrier, to Michael Steel and his wife. Steel had reported Maggie missing Tuesday after his car was broken into. The couple had left the car after parking on a busy Washington street and returned to find their dog was missing.

“We pulled into a parking spot at 9th and K, behind Acadiana,” Steel told The Washingtonian. “We got out and walked around the grassy area where K meets New York. I put her back in her carrier in the car, went to grab a bite to eat, came back, and the passenger side window was smashed.”

Afterward, they put up flyers throughout Washington. Smith, 18, says she learned the dog was missing after watching news reports.

She says she found Maggie inside her travel carrier near a Metro station and took the pup home before returning it. As promised, Steel handed her a $10,000 check for making sure the pup got back home.

“My greatest fear was that she was in a dumpster or got dumped down a storm drain,” Steel told ABC News after the puppy was found.

Thanks to a good-hearted teen, Steel and his wife will enjoy many more happy days with Maggie.

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