3 Dogs With More Political Experience Than Donald Trump

The 2016 campaign trail has left most Americans feeling confused, frustrated and out of options. But, if you think there has never been a complete lack of viable candidates running for office before – you’re very mistaken.

Sure, Donald Trump got farther than anyone expected. But, believe it or not, he isn’t the most ridiculous, unelectable political figure in U.S. history. And the three doggies who actually won elections are just the tip of the iceberg.

Dogs Aside

Before you dismiss The Donald’s bid for presidency as absurd nonsense, consider these facts:

  • Limberbutt McCubbins, a house cat from Kentucky, is officially registered to run for the Democratic nomination in the 2016 presidential race (really.) Limberbutt was approved by the Federal Election Commission in 2015. Incumbent McCubbins even has his own catchy campaign slogan: “Meow is the time.”

    via redalertpolitics.com
  • A brown mule by the name of Boston Curtis was the Republican nominee for a Washington precinct seat in 1938. Curtis won by a unanimous (51 to 0) vote.
  • In 1967, Pulvapies – a medicinal foot powder – was nominated to run for mayor of a major city in Ecuador. What started as a promotional stunt ended in a clear majority win for Mayor Pulvapipes.

    via mentalfloss.com

We know what you’re thinking – “if a cat, a mule, a can of foot powder or even a Donald Trump could be nominated, surely a dog can win an election.” And you’re right!

As a matter of fact, there are a few dogs who spent way more time in politics than the presumptive Republican presidential nominee.

Mayor Duke

Cormorant is a small town in the heart of Minnesota. In fact, with a population of 1,039, Cormorant is one of the smallest in the country. And, judging from the voter turnout, it’s also America’s least politically aware town. A grand total of 12 votes were cast in the 2014 mayoral election. The winner – Duke the Dog – is still in office today.

via Twitter.com

Not exactly what the founding fathers had in mind (but look how cute he is in his little elected-official outfit!)

Mayor Bosco

In 1981, the people of Sunol, CA, took a stance and elected a black Lab-Rottweiler mixed pup, by the name of Bosco, as their mayor. And, to show their commitment, Sunolians voted Bosco up until 1994.

Surprisingly, those 13 years weren’t ruff at all. Mayor Bosco was so beloved that a monument was put up to honor him.

via deviantart.com
via deviantart.com

President Tai

After New Zealand’s regional borders were redrawn in 1989, some residents weren’t happy. A group of activists disputed the new map, proclaiming their home town as the “Republic of Whangamomona.” The protests resulted in a symbolic (unofficial) recognition the self-proclaimed “Republic.”

via america.pink
via america.pink

They still hold presidential elections every single year. And Tai the Poodle, who was elected in 2003, served two consecutive terms. In 2005, President Tai lost to Murt Kennard – a snapping turtle – who has ruled the Republic of Whangamomona ever since.

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