Rescue Dogs Before and After Photos


These pups went to rags to riches thanks to their rescuers. All it takes is some shears, a little time and lots of love to transform these matted, sad puppy dogs into the happy gleaming pups they were always meant to be.



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“Jordan was in horrible shape when he came to the shelter. His mats were so severe, he needed to be anesthetized before we could remove them. After a lot of TLC and patient grooming, he transitioned into a handsome little man.”


After being tied up and abandoned outside, Elsa was hospitalized and made a full recovery!


Livy was a breeding dog, kept outside and used only to make her owner money. After being taken to a shelter, she beat death when TAF (Trio Animal Foundation) rescued her the day before she was euthanized. Now, she has a loving new mom whom she can shower with kisses.


“Angie came to us as a stray. She was so tolerant of being groomed and was very appreciative of the compassion and care she received.”


Filly was so emaciated when she was found, she needed to be put on emergency supportive care. Luckily, this cutie is back in smiling, tip-top shape!


“We became aware of Teddy when a friend of ours found out the owner was planning to shoot him… Despite his sad beginnings, Teddy is a super-friendly, happy little dog.”


Hippo was found at an open access shelter when she was just 12 weeks old. Her ears had been cut off, and she had a secondary skin infection, an upper respiratory infection and a fungal infection. But after months of antibiotics, medicated dips, fungal and pain medications, Hippo has made a full recovery and has already found her forever home.


This Shih Tzus was one of 15 that came into the shelter in outrageous conditions. He looks so much better now!


“[Bear’s] thick, matted fur had become wet, and as the temperatures dropped, he had become frozen to the ground. His family assures us that he will never have to face horrendous weather conditions again.”


Albert is a sweet senior who was surrendered by his owner. After recovering from a skin infection, allergies and heart worm, he was adopted, thanks to help from the Young at Heart Pet Rescue.


All this guy needed was a good home. Make sure to adopt, and never shop for you pup to do your part in stopping puppy mills.


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