The Reasons Dogs Are Better Than People

Dogs. Everyone knows they are “man’s best friend” and the people’s champion among any animal lover. Dogs have many characteristics that make them a popular target for unconditional love. Dogs are even easier to love then humans. Yes I know it may sound crazy, but it isn’t a stretch of the imagination, it’s the truth! Growing old is never fun, so why not bring some excitement into your life and become an animal owner, an animal lover, or just acceptance toward the enduring love and companionship a dog could bring into your life.

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It’s never too late to own an animal and there has never been a better point in your life to start (well maybe you are still kicking yourself for not doing so yesterday, or the week before, or….you see my point?). Below is just a fun way we can look at dogs and how they compare to humans, or should I say how they are BETTER than humans in certain aspects. Puppy dog love wasn’t a term that was invented overnight humans, it was one that dogs works vigorously hard to take ownership of and really show through their actions, thoughts, and considerations of others. So let’s get this list started and maybe you can learn a thing or two that might change your perception of dogs and start to think of them in a more positive light.

1. A dog’s attention is easily won

A dog doesn’t really ask for much. A simple walk in the morning and evening. A couple of times they’ll, figuratively speaking, raise their paw signaling they have to use the restroom. They’ll even leave you to do your important human work with the simple expenditure of getting them a chew toy or rawhide to keep themselves happy.

It really doesn’t take much from you, and they don’t care about your yearly salary as long as it can afford these small expenditures to keep them going and you on task.

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