Is ‘Pawternity’ Leave a New Trend?

It is no secret – people love their pets like family. That fact has become apparent to several UK companies who have now instated “pawternity” leave.

Similar to parental leave, pawternity leave gives the employee the chance to stay at home to take care of their dog, cat, or other pet. The United Kingdom and other parts of Western Europe have always been ahead of the United States in matters of parental leave. Paid maternity leave is not mandatory and most fathers do not have the option for paternity leave. Now, European companies are extending leave options.

Several European companies have been offering pawternity leave for some time now. Companies include Bristol Systems that gives their employees up to three weeks of paid time off. Kimpton Hotels and Maxwell Health allows their employees to take paid bereavement after the death of their pet.

The move towards pawternity is not too outlandish of an idea. Proctor & Gamble and T-Mobile already give their employees the option to purchase pet insurance policies.

Just think about it – your precious dog that has been your companion for years suddenly gets sick. Your dog needs surgery which they get. Then, however, your dog will need a week or two to recover. You either have to take time off or pay for your pup to get some expensive doggy day care.

If you had access to pawternity leave, you could stay at home with your pup without fear of losing your job and you get to spend time with them. It’s a win-win situation.

Not everyone is as excited for this new trend, however. Some are claiming that this new trend is ridiculous and even laughable. Parents of human children have struggled to get parental leave. These parents are questioning why parents of little fur babies should get parental leave over them.

Opponents argue that dogs are able to take care of themselves unlike children and infants. That, after all, is the whole point of parental leave in the first place.

Still, pawternity leave could soon be coming to the United States, much to delight and chagrin of many if the trend continues.

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