Shelter Dog Births 16 Pups on Mother’s Day


A Florida shelter dog became a mom on Mother’s Day.

Maggie, an eight-month-old Pointer mix, birthed 16 pups. Just after Midnight on May 8, she welcomed 10 male and six female pups into the world.

The birth was streamed live on PetCube, an app. that connects people with their pets via an interactive camera.

Mama pooch delivered her babies at the home of Ashley Gandees, medical manager of the SPCA Suncoast animal shelter in New Port Richey.

“She didn’t have her first baby until a little after midnight,” said Kerrianne Farrow, the shelter’s executive director, in an interview with ABC News. “She did really great. I think it went until 4:00 a.m., roughly, so in four hours, she had 16 puppies.”

“Absolutely Adorable”

The pups have not been named, but the shelter is using collars to identify them as team stripes and team solids.


“We love them,” Farrow said. “We want to squeeze them all. They’re absolutely adorable. They definitely have little personalities of their own.”

The pups will be up for adoption in about 8 weeks after they’re spayed and neutered, according to shelter staff.

For now, the pups are enjoying time with mom.

“She deserved a pretty amazing Mother’s Day,” Farrow  said. “She is the absolute sweetest dog. She just wants to be with her babies. She caters to them and she’s such a good mom.”

The Sweetest Mom

Maggie walked through the doors of SPCA Suncoast last week after Hernando County Animal Services asked the shelter to take her in. Her warmth quickly won the hearts of staff.

“She’s going to make an awesome family member for someone,” Farrow said. “She’s so sweet.”

Want to be that someone? Or maybe you want to raise one of Maggie’s adorable pups? Call the SPCA Suncoast at (727) 849-1048 or send an email to [email protected] to find out how.   

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