7 Dogs that Look Like Wolves


It may come as a surprise to know that all dogs are actually species of gray wolf – at least they share an extinct genes. Due to the genetic similarities, dogs and wolves are alike in many ways. Although they are poles apart when it comes to behavior. Wolves and dogs …

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Doggie On Board: 7 Safety Tips You Must Not Ignore


Hello, hope you are having a wuffderful day! Only a pet owner will fully understand this dilemma; not finding a proper care for your pup while you are away. Most of the times, you have to take your dog with you, which is a delightful experience. But along with it …

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Study Shows That We Need to Revise Our Training Methods

If you ask an agility dog trainer if are dogs capable of feeling love like we do, you might get somewhat of a shocked response! ‘Of course, dogs love and feel love!’ – You’d be crazy to suggest otherwise. But science is emotionless, can studies show positive results? Dr. Gregory Burns, a neuroscientist from …

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Teaching Your Pup Patience At Dinner Time


A few pups out there tend to get a little overwhelmed when they see you filling their dish. Their excitement is justified from their point of view, of course: “The world is ending! We need to have our meals now!!” But if your pup gets too excited for food, and he jumps up …

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