The World’s 15 Smartest Dog Breeds

Dogs are man’s best friend. They have long been at the side of humans, working side by side with their masters to achieve a goal, whether that was hunting or shepherding or protecting the family. And for many of us, they often appear to have a high level of intelligence, making them see like a part of the family, rather than just a pet.

We all know that dog breeds differ in size, fur color, and other such visual properties. It’s how we can distinguish from the approximately 400 dog breeds that are present in the world. But did you know that dogs also range in level of intelligence, companionship, and temperament?

A second form of intelligence that a dog can exhibit is adaptive intelligence, which is the dog’s own ability to correct their behavior, figure simple problems out on their own, and learn how to adapt to new and changing situations. Dog breeds that excel in adaptive intelligence are great for children or people who travel, and can also make great companions for families.

The last form of intelligence that dogs display is working intelligence, also known as obedience intelligence. Working intelligence refers to a dog’s ability to not only learn from humans, but also to commit the lessons to memory for use later. Breeds that exhibit high levels of working intelligence work well as service dogs for people with special needs, and also make great team additions to police forces and bomb detection squads.

Here is a list of the top 15 smartest dog breeds. Look to see if the special dog in your life has made the cut. 

15 – Pug

These amazing little dogs hail from China, where they were considered the top companion dogs for the ruling Chinese families. Pugs were bred specifically to mirror their owner’s own temperament, using their adaptive intelligence skills to complement whomever might be taking care of them at the time.

Pugs are great for families with children, as the breed is sturdy enough to play with small children properly. This breed is also especially sensitive to their owner’s moods and needs, and prefer to stick close to their preferred human. These pups are eager to please their owners, and spend most of their time trying to please their owners with fun games and antics.