These Guys will Pick Up Your Dog’s Poop for a Fee


A pair of brothers from the UK has embarked on a dirty business venture. Ben and David Walker are picking up dog poop for a fee. Their cleverly-named Scoopy the Poopy Northeast has caught the attention of some dog lovers.

“We’re catering for all kinds of people,” said David in an interview with LifeWithDogs.  “It could be people who are just too busy or people who really don’t like doing it.  People pay others to walk their dogs, clean their home, do their ironing and this is just another service like that.”

But the duo doesn’t just scoop the poop and leave. They also offer disinfecting and deodorizing services. They’re trying to go green with their business by using biodegradable baggies and pet-friendly chemicals.

The group offers weekly, monthly, and fortnightly packages. They also offer discounts for the elderly and disabled.


“I came up with the idea about a year ago,” David said. “I knew there was a market there. In the US, this is big business.  When I did some research, though, I discovered that, while there were a couple of companies down south doing it, there was no-one in the North.  Certainly not anyone offering the disinfecting and deodorizing.”

The crew hopes their side business will become a full-time gig. They also plan to hire more employees and expand throughout the UK. For now, Scoopy the Poopy is generating buzz on social media, but the brothers plan to advertise at dog shows and other pet-related events.

“Someday, perhaps, we could have four or five vans covering the entire North East,” David said. “There is maybe even the potential for a franchise, but we’re being proactive. Nobody gives you anything; you’ve got to go out and take it.”


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