Kiba the Cosplaying Corgi


If you thought that Corgi’s couldn’t get any cuter than you are WRONG, my friend! Owner Nicole Spickerman hand makes all of her puppy, Kiba’s adorable outfits for Comic con.



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1. Kiba the ferocious shark


When not cosplaying, Kiba works as a therapy dog.

2. Kiba the Link dog


“It’s dangerous to go alone! Take this”  You get a sword!


3. Assassins Creed Kiba

assassins creek

Here is Kiba looking snappy in a homemade Assassin’s Creed outfit.

4. Kiba  the Turian

 i dont know this one

Doing dirt for the Citadel council since 800 ce

5. Shippo Kiba! kibadog8

Kiba brings the most adorable Inuyasha character to life

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