11 Hilarious dog shaming pictures

Bad poochies get sentenced to public embarrassment as their punishment, and we secretly love it.

1. Smelly Pooch


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2. Sensitive stomach pup


Don’t you know? In dog world poop is a fine delicacy.. But if you try and throw in “outdoor crunch delights” we’re going to have a problem.

3. Rachel Ray dog


He was just SO BORED! he had to do something.. Why not make those delicious Scooby snacks?

4. Panic attack dog


Good thing he did too, or else he would have been trapped in there for all eternity.

5. “I will blow up your house. Just kidding I just want foodz.”

turned on gas

Man this pooch really wont give mom a break. After a failed attempt to blow up the house over leftovers he takes no time at all to devour her favorite accessory.

6. This was his plan the whole time.

smeared everywhere

…Well at least 1/2 of it was

7.  Ahh the pungent smell of cat litter.


He wanted to soak up all the most smelliest smells he could.

8. “My food tastes like S*** human. How else am I supposed to tell you?”


Really, this Pug can NOT make this ANY more clear.

9. For shame, dog!


And to his disappointment there was no taste.

10. “HA! take that you human.”

into the woods

He’ll help you up just to see you fall again.

11.  The Butt Licker:

shower time

This pooch is is INNOCENT! He knows no boundaries, he is just keeping up with his constant rounds of “Hi there!” and “I love you!” reminders.

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