Dynamic Dogs: Dog Saves A Newborn

Dynamic Dogs will look at incredible acts by dogs, in this story we investigate an incident where a dog saved a baby in Brazil.

Dogs can do some amazing things and often show more humanity than we humans. This has never been more clear then late last year when pictures went viral of stray female dog saving an abandoned baby from a dumpster. The pictures of the incident are very graphic and can be found through normal online searches.

What Happened?


Sadly, the individual(s) who abandoned the baby have never been found nor have they come forward. However, the photos and story of this hero dog are quite remarkable. After finding the child in a dumpster (where the dog was looking for a meal) it gently took the baby in it’s mouth and took it to the nearest home.

The inhabitants of the Campinas, Brazil home took the baby boy to the nearest hospital and remarkably the baby would survive. Ever since the incident the photos have gone viral and this amazing story continues to spread around the internet.

Are Dogs Commonly This Gentle?

As you will see throughout the Dynamic Dogs series, that dogs protecting children is indeed quite common and almost seems a part of their nature. Every so often you will find reports of dogs acting heroically to protect those it loves or finds to be defenseless. These incidents go to remind of us of just how much good there can be in the world even if it seems quite bleak at times.

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