Dogs Living Glamorous Lives

Some dogs are just luckier than other dogs, born with a -shall we say- silver bone in their mouth… These dogs are living their lives to the fullest, enjoying all the finest luxuries money can buy.


This dog demands to have a giant fan blowing in her hair at all times for a constant look of glam and fabulousness.

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“I’m not a lie, I’m not an illusion. I am a princess, so what’s the confusion? “


“I am not a princess. I do not need saving. I am a Queen, I got this sh*t handled.”


A Princess always takes care that her words are honeyed, for she may have to eat them.


This majestic poodle is always wearing her invisible crown.


These three fabulous Poodles are ready for a luxurious staycation by the beach.

This little guy is making a big impression with her Sparkling Mystic Swarovski Crystal Couture Dog Dress. “Like, it was ONLY $6,000!”


“Hey, it’s not easy being a princess! But hey, the crown fits!”

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