Doggies That Rule Animation: All Dogs Go To Heaven Cast

This Doggies That Rule Animation entry is a lesser known and under appreciated entry that was overshadowed upon its release. Today we look into the All Dogs Go To Heaven cast.

All Dogs

The All Dogs Go to Heaven cast (mainly Charlie B. Barkin and Itchy Itchiford) are very memorable characters for their friendship, the tone of the movie, and the message delivered. Despite being overshadowed by competing with the box office success of The Little Mermaid – All Dogs Go to Heaven and its properties will always be fondly remembered by its fans.

Bad Timing

The very poignant themes from All Dogs Go To Heaven touched on everything from life, death, betrayal and loss. However, the Sullivan Bluth Studios film had the misfortune of being released the same day as the Disney box office hit The Little Mermaid (you may have heard of it). This does not take away from the characters and adult themes which were packaged well to be viewed by children.

Even while going up against a cult classic, All Dogs Go To Heaven was successful enough in theaters and with home video sales that it spawned a short lived franchise. In fact the movie sold more than three million copies during its first month of availability – being the main reason behind its success.

All Dogs Go To Heaven Legacy

The film came at a time where almost all children’s animation was light hearted in nature and strayed away from death. The film took on the theme of death,

loss, and the lives of the impoverished that had not been seen in a generation of American animation. While the franchise that followed the release of the film is not that memorable, the original was ahead of its time and set a path for how certain themes could be portrayed to children.

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