Dog in New Mexico Brings Home Human Remains

Dogs love bringing home things to their owners as presents. Often times, it is a dead bird or other small creature. For one owner in New Mexico, the family dog brought home something dead and strange – human remains.

Sometime during the morning of March 17, 2016, a New Mexican dog trotted back to their owner. The owner, a New Mexican woman who did not wish to be named, noticed something funny in her dog’s mouth.

She immediately recognized the trinket as resembling a human body part. She said that her dog brought home strange things all the time, but it this was a first.

The woman immediately phoned the police. The police began a search of the grounds of the woman’s property to see if there was any recently disturbed earth or to see if any further human remains could be discovered. The search looked for anything suspicious in a half-mile radius where the dog could have gone.

Eventually, the search was called off. The alleged human remains were taken to local county coroner’s office to test whether the remains were indeed human. There is no information thus far whether the remains were in fact human.

The area where the remains were discovered is apparently well known to police. Police have remarked that people often think the remote area is a good place to dump a body. Likewise, New Mexico is often the site a ancient remains, so that possibility has not been ruled out.

Dogs certainly love to bring home strange things to their owners all out of love. This dog was certainly not the first dog to bring home human remains. Dogs are often in the news for bringing home human remains. One thing at least is for sure: the New Mexican owner probably hopes that her dog will not bring home any more little presents that resemble human remains.


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