Dog and Fish Share Unlikely Bond

Dogs are widely consider to be a man’s best friend. One dog decided that she wanted to broaden her horizons in the best friend department.

Daisy is a lovable French Bulldog. Frank is a calm little Koi fish. Their friendship was made possible by their owners. Carrie Bredy and her husband live in Seattle, Washington. The Bredy and her husband recently decided that it was time to update their backyard.

Bredy and her husband added a fish pond to their backyard. They filled the pond with Changoi Koi fish, including one named Frank. They thought they were getting a relaxing reflection pool. Instead, they got something even cuter.

When Daisy is outside, she runs over to the pond. Frank swims up to meet her as soon as he sees her. Daisy ignores the other fish in the pond and focuses on Frank.

Bredy says: “She ignores the other fish. She goes straight to him. If he’s all the way at the other end, he comes flying from across the water.”

Daisy loves being outside with Frank. In fact, Bredy says that she will beg and cry until she is allowed to visit her friend. Once Frank swims up to see Daisy, Daisy plants several kisses on Frank’s face in excitement.

Bredy has three French Bulldogs: Daisy, Tomato, and Walter. Bredy and her husband also have 11 Koi fish and a singular Goldfish. She chronicles her pets’ lives on her Instagram and Facebook accounts. Both accounts are titled Tomato & Company and feature adorable pictures and videos. She especially chronicles the adorable and unlikely friendship between Daisy and Frank.

Daisy and Frank’s friendship is going viral. Local news outlets have been picking up the story. Even Kathie Lee and Hoda featured the duo on their morning show.

No matter what life has in store for this duo, their bond will likely remain strong.


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