Classroom Therapy Dog Has Big Effect on Students

Jeep, a Great Pyrenees, is in serious training mode to become a top-notch therapy dog. Jeep is training by visiting classrooms.

Jeep’s owner, Lynette Zimmer, is a school superintendent in Lake County, Illinois. She brings her fluffy white pooch with her to work. While her students are learning in their classrooms, Jeep is taking in some premium knowledge as well. At just four months old, Jeep is mingling with the students in hopes to socialize with people and learn how to deal with large crowds.

Therapy dogs can be an amazing addition for children suffering from experiencing regular emotional or social distress. Therapy dogs can do a lot to soothe children and help them calm down, barring a phobia of dogs.

For Zimmer’s younger classrooms, having visits from a therapy dog can be educational for them, as well. The students have the opportunity to learn the differences between service dogs, therapy dogs, and regular dogs on the street.

Plus, the students get to give Jeep lots of pets, hugs, and kisses. What could be better than learning while playing with an adorable puppy? Actually – the only thing that would make the situation better is multiple furry puppies.

“The temperament of a therapy dog should be calm, kind, loyal, loving, protecting and intelligent,” Zimmer told a Chicago Tribune reporter. So far, it appears that Jeep is doing great.

Jeep has been spending some time in a special needs class and is having a great improvement on some of the students. Jeep is used as an incentive for good behavior which seems to be working.

Zimmer hopes that Jeep will get her service dog license in the coming years. Until then, her students are certainly happy to see the pair walking around the halls in matching scarves around their necks.

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