18 Pictures of Dogs Doing What They Do Best

If you asked dogs what their favorite thing to do is, they would quickly bark to you that it is going for a ride and sticking their head out of the window, and feeling the cool air in their chops. Seriously, go try asking now. Just like you, I had wondered what it is about having their head out of the window that drives them crazy with glee. I tried doing the same once, fine I did it more than thrice – and the freedom was just exhilarating!

So I told my dog, “Now I see what why you love sticking your head out.” And he cooly¬†answered, “Oh, human, you fool, I stick my head out of the window because that’s when my sense of smell is the strongest! I love smelling things, but it can’t always just be your stinky shoes and unwashed hair. When my head is out of the window, the wind hits my nose and my sense of smell is at its all-time high. I can smell the world! I’m the king of the world!” My dog talks too much.



Hmm, nothing beats the taste of fresh air!


This is my zen time. This is my zen face.


Dude, this IS fun!


I’m just waiting for the right time to jump out and fly.


Oh, come on, dawg, those ladies are looking, act cool.


I choked on some air! I choked on some air!


Hey you, open your windows! It’s fun!


They’re coming for us, right?


We’re driving at the speed of light!!!


My eyes!

dogwindow (1)

Man, I love sticking my head out the window but I hate it when you take photos.


Glad I skipped blow drying this morning.


The trouble with having a twin – I can’t have anything to myself.


There’s a strange dog in that thing staring at me.




Dude, where’s the pool?

happy golden retriever with his head out the window of a truck

Aren’t we stopping yet?