Britain’s Loneliest Dog Freya

After being rejected by thousands of people, Britain’s “loneliest dog” may soon walk the red carpet as star of the latest “Transformers” movie.

Freya is a Staffordshire bull terrier who has spent the last six years at the Freshfields Animal Shelter in Liverpool. She walked into the kennel six years ago as a pup. More than 18,000 visitors have walked past her since then, but not one has taken her home. Thus, Freya earned the title “Britain’s Loneliest Dog.”

That story did not sit well with Hollywood director and animal-lover Michael Bay, who heard about Freya through social media.

“Found this in the news last week in the UK,” Bay said via Twitter. “We gave the Loneliest Dog, a role in Transformers.”

Freya will soon say goodbye to the kennel life and hello to the pampered life. The fifth installment of Transformers begins shooting this summer.

“We are also going to find her a home,” tweeted Bay.  “If not she will come to my house.  Welcome to the cast Freya!”

A Bright Future

Freya’s rise to stardom is already getting her some attention.

“We have had a fantastic response to our appeal for a new home for Freya, with lots of interest shown from around the world as well as closer to home in the UK,” said a shelter spokesperson in an interview with UK publication The Mirror.  “We are thrilled at the opportunity of a movie deal for Freya and at such interest and support from a major film director who is also a dedicated animal advocate.

“We look forward to showing the world what a wonderful and special dog Freya is.”

A “Beautiful Personality”

Staff at the Freshfields Animal Shelter describe Freya as a sweet pup, and they say they’re shocked no one has taken her in yet — Not even one of Freya’s 700 fans on Facebook.

“Freya is a beautiful dog with a beautiful personality, and that will shine through to the right person,” said shelter fundraiser Debbie Hughes in an interview with Mirror.

Deputy Kennel Manager Kate Jones agrees.

“She has been here many years and is constantly overlooked, which breaks our hearts as we adore her,” Jones said. “We do not understand why she has been overlooked. Every year we update her age on the website and it absolutely breaks our hearts to see her getting older and has never had a home.”

Freya has seen more than 50 fellow shelter pups leave the kennel for new homes in the last six years.

“She is a beautiful girl, so loving and friendly. She is our big baby,” Jones said.

Who is the Right Fit for Freya?

Freya unfortunately was diagnosed with epilepsy while at the shelter. Her condition requires medication and blood tests three times a month.

She is seeking an adult-only home where she is the only pet. She also requires someone who is patient and can help her transition to her first real home.

“She needs a calm, patient owner that will put in the time and commitment to get to know her at the rescue and help her make the transition to home life,” Jones said. “Freya has so much potential, she just needs someone to give her that chance.”

Of course, the shelter staff will miss Freya no matter where she goes.

“We would be delighted to see Freya go to her forever home, like every dog deserves,” Jones explains. “Of course there would be tears on our end as we have looked after her for six years. But they would be tears of happiness and joy, as Freya has so much love to give and her future home will be very lucky to have such a wonderful companion.”