15 Impressive Dog Tricks & How To Master Them FAST

When most people hear “simple dog tricks,” they think basics. But, with just a bit of training, canines can learn to do much more than ‘stay’, ‘sit’ and ‘roll over.’ From playing dead, to playing basketball – teaching your dog new tricks can be fun, easy and highly rewarding.


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Training is a healthy source of physical and mental stimulation for canines. Most importantly, it’s a powerful bonding experience for both the pooch and his owner.

You can’t expect your pup to match Lassie’s level overnight. But there’s a wide range of cool, creative dog tricks that don’t involve any long-term training. Our list includes skills like dancing, playing sports and even picking up laundry.

Here are 15 tricks your dog can learn in a weekend, with just one hour of training per day.

1 – Say Your Prayers

The goal here is to have him bow his head, with both front paws up on a bed, chair or any other elevated surface.

Have your dog sit facing your bed. Signal him to get on the bed. When both front paws are up, give the ‘stay’ command. Once he stays in that position (even for a second), reward him with a treat.

Repeat the process until your pooch stops half-way on the bed, without being told to ‘stay.’ Every time he does so, tell him “say your prayers” and hold a treat near his paws. He’ll reach for it, assuming the “praying” stance. Soon, he’ll bow before seeing the treat.


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