15 Best U.S. Cities For Dogs

Man’s best friend is putting it lightly when it comes to our dogs. They’re more than just a pet, they’re family. And we want the best for our family, whether that’s what they eat, where they play, or how they socialize. Even more important is where they live. It’s one thing to live in a city that hosts other families with dogs. It’s a completely other thing to live in a city that celebrates dogs and sees them in the same light that their owners do.


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When choosing a place to visit or live, if you have a canine companion, you’re more than likely going to be looking for a city that’s cohesive with that lifestyle. Vacationing with your dog wouldn’t be the same without the ability to find fantastic trails to hike together or city tours to indulge in where your pooch is just as welcome as you are. Likewise, dining and sleeping just aren’t the same without Fido by your side. Finding a place that not only hosts a vast array of parks and dog-friendly shopping centers but also ways to visit museums and annual events hosted with your four-legged friend in mind plays a huge part in the lifestyle you can enjoy with your pet.


We’ve compiled a list of the 15 best US cities for dogs, and that’s means they’re the 15 best US cities for the dog owners as well. While these lists don’t incorporate everything each city has to offer, they’re a good starting point to realizing just how much the cities love their dogs and work to accommodate the surroundings for them. From opening bars with pets in mind to hosting hot air balloon rides that your pet can enjoy right alongside you, these cities really go all out for their pooches.


Check out what each of these best 15 cities have to offer their canine companions, and book your next trip or buy your next house to enjoy all a dog city has to offer. Or, if you already live in one, brag to those you know just how awesome dogs are and your city for recognizing that fact.

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