10 Dogs making silly faces

Sometimes it’s a photo captured at the perfect moment, and other times you just have a down right silly pooch on your hands. Either way, if you’re looking for some dogs making some silly faces, than we got ’em! Number 8 has me crying XD

har har har

This dog just looks like he’s laughing at a bad joke just to fill the awkward silence.

if you know what I mean

Dog that just told a dirty joke. “…If you know what I mean…”

clown flower

This dog has clearly been tricked by those stupid clown flowers before.


Pooch in desperate need of just one more hour of beauty sleep.. jk get this dog some tape.

pms pup

When your bae is PMSing and you ask what’s for dinner.


All I see is “DERRHHUURRR” Thanks derp dog, you make my day.


This Boxer got into something and there’s no way of hiding it.


“Human is home! YAY Human is home!!!”


Geeze we won’t touch your bone. Chill bro.


Earl is not impressed. But WE are impressed..by his unimpressed-ness..