Stray dog rescues an abandoned Baby


An amazing rescue story of an abandoned Kenyan baby and a stray dog.


Back in May 2005, a nursing dog foraging for food found an abandoned baby girl wrapped in an old tattered shirt and in a plastic bag in a forest. What happens next will melt your heart… instead of seeing an opportunity for an easy meal, her mother instincts take over and the stray carries her back to her litter of puppies. Witnesses claim the dog carried the infant across a busy road and through a barbed wire fence in a poor neighborhood near the Ngong Forest in the capital, Nairobi.


Resident Linet Gogany said she discovered the child among the dog’s puppy litter after local boys said they heard a baby crying.

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The baby girl was taken to the  Kenyatta National Hospital, and is stable, and responding well to treatment. Workers at the hospital are calling her Angel. 


Doctors said the baby had been about two days before the dog discovered her. Medical workers later found maggots in the infant’s umbilical cord, a product of days of neglect, said Hannah Gakuo, the spokeswoman of the Kenyatta National Hospital. No one has yet claimed the baby, she said.


The stray dog, now known as Mkombozi, the African, dog currently resides at the Kenya SPCA where she spends her retirement sleeping in a soft bed and teaching school children about animal welfare.

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