German Shepherd Returns Home After Being Lost at Sea

The German Shepherd is a truly remarkable dog breed.

The dogs perform alongside police and military as bomb sniffing dogs. They have also been used as guard dogs. Now, they can be counted among “warrior” dogs.

Luna, a German Shepherd and Husky mix, was accompanying her human on a boating trip recently. Luna’s human is a professional fisherman who was out on a commercial venture one day in February. In a terrible turn of events, little one-year-old Luna fell overboard into the water below.

Her human, Nick Hayworth, could not find her and reported her missing on February 10th. The fishing vessel was about two miles off the shore of San Clemente Island. The island is used by the U.S. Navy. Hayworth originally believed that Luna would swim toward the island because she was a strong swimmer.

After receiving help from the naval base, he searched for her for an entire week. After seeing no sign from her in that time, he believed the worst. On his social media accounts, he paid fitting tribute to his furry companion.

Then, five full weeks passed. Suddenly, Luna magically appeared near a street on the island. She had made it to land, after all. Crew members of the naval base were heading to work when they noticed the pup. They opened the door and Luna hopped right in without a second thought.

Luna’s human got the call and was completely overwhelmed that she was alive after five weeks lost at sea. He said that he always knew that Luna was a “warrior”.

Examinations of Luna showed that she was a little malnourished, but in otherwise great health. It was likely that Luna had been surviving off mice and other small animals in her five week adventure. Hayworth was reunited with Luna in an emotional meeting.

There is no telling what Luna went through in her five weeks in the wilds of the island. Suffice it to say, Luna is probably very glad to be back with her human.

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