Social Media Helps Find Dog Who Fled Crash Site


A dog was found safe after fleeing the site of a Texas crash that killed two people and put one in critical condition on Sunday.

Robert Crider, 57, and Anastacio Rosas, 28, died following a head-on collision on Highway 78 just off of Copeville in Collin County, according to police. Both victims were the drivers. Margo Mixon, the passenger in Crider’s car, was transported to Plano Hospital.

In the midst of the chaos, Crider’s dog Penny fled the scene. When Crider’s friends and family heard that Crider’s beloved dog had gone missing, they turned to social media.

“I know some people have been out searching for her, too,” wrote Amanda Jennings on Facebook. “Detroit (Robert) wouldn’t want anything more but to find her and know she is safe. She is super sweet and is a people person. A friend has gone out and put food and water by the crash site, too.”


Jennings added, “Please keep an eye out for her … He (Crider) would have been super worried for her and [would want] nothing but to find her”

Updates about Penny’s disappearance were shared on Facebook more than 2,500 times. Then, the good news started rolling in.

Rhonda Rowe Ragan posted on Monday that her daughter Staci Beville had found Penny after searching for about 10 minutes. The dog was “a little bruised but ok.”

Nanette Neal posted “Thanks for all who shared. Bless my best friend Bob who lost his life in a head-on-collision.”

Crider is a former sergeant with the Dallas Police Department. According to Jennings, Mixon is Crider’s girlfriend and she was transported to the ICU where she will undergo surgery. Police say the cause of the crash is still under investigation.

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